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I was working at Microsoft India since December 2014, before moving to Seattle in October of 2016. While at Microsoft, I worked in teams for Bing, and Enterprise oriented Operations Management Suite. Most of the work done at Microsoft falls under an NDA, hence please reach out, if you want to know more details.

Cortana for India

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As part of the Cortana team, I was responsible to design some early ideas, when Cortana was supposed to Launch in India market. I was part of the team which finalised the key scenarios which made Cortana relevant to Indian consumers. Later on, I worked on designing experience around these key scenarios and identifying the user pain-points where Cortana can be of help.

Network Performance Monitor and OMS

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Operations Management Suite is the monitoring and analytic framework that helps users to gain deeper insights and control over their hybrid environments.  I worked on building solutions that help admins to get a snapshot of their networks health, size and composition, and helps manage and configure individual components in their environment. As the sole designer working on the platform, I worked with multiple teams simultaneously and worked towards shipping challenging products.